Thursday 4 November


Relaunch of BCS on Teesside

6.30 pm - 8.30 pm

(inc. refreshments)

at the

St George Hotel, Teesside International Airport DL1 2RH


To attend, please email alan.jones@tees.ac.uk


01642 342633


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The branch AGM started on 27 May, and continued on 1 July.

At the 27 May meeting, members present decided that the BCS on Teesside was too important to the information and e-economy to let it die.

At a carry-over meeting on July 1,  Decided:

Graham Evans and Alan Manchester to be joint-Chairmen for 2004-5, to steer the branch for the next 12 months towards ability to deliver clear value propositions to current and potential members on Teesside and in the Tees Valley.                            

Adrian Beckham and Alan Jones to be joint Secretary for Branch Communications, meetings and general programme for 2004-5.

Dave Fuller and Alan Hunter to be joint-Treasurer for 2004-5.

Dave Binns to be email and web coordinator.

Erika Downs and Alan Jones to coordinate Young Professionals Group

Alan Jones to continue as Special Projects Officer and AGM Secretary.

Bob Austin to continue as committee member-at-large.

Derek Simpson to continue as Education Liaison Officer.


Offices to be held initially for one year until next AGM, with a view to re-testing viability.

Strategy to be one of renewal and re-launch, perhaps taking a full 12 months to implement.

Emphasis to be value to actual and potential members.


Page 2 Main Story


Co- chairmen Graham Evans and Alan Manchester are determined to create a customer-facing BCS on Teesside


The new committee has provisionally segmented the Tees District membership into users, teachers, managers, technical specialists and students, with a view to testing if partitioning of members’ interests might result in a more vibrant branch.


Starting in early October, there will be a telephone invitation to a significant number of Teesside members to determine willingness to answer a survey. We are also very keen to learn your preferences for a guest speaker on 4 November.


The survey will be electronic, and the URL of the survey address will be emailed to members expressing willingness to respond.


The questionnaire covers four main areas:

your motive for BCS membership and your expectation from membership;

the segment group of BCS membership that you belong to;

the frequency and style of meeting that you would prefer; and

the services you expect from your local branch.


Finally, there is opportunity for your comments about any aspect of the BCS on Teesside.


The questionnaire will be online, and members willing to complete it will be emailed the URL to access the server. If you find this inconvenient, we will mail the questionnaire.


If you feel strongly about this you may wish to volunteer your responses without first being contacted. If so, please email Alan Jones (alan.jones@tees.ac.uk) or Dave Binns(dave@dbapplications.net ) with your request and you will get full details of the questionnaire.


Alan Jones writes: ”The BCS has an essential role to diffuse knowledge of IT to Teesside businesses. We are told that IT spend is increasing, and pundits at The Economist reckon we are at the start of an 11-year continual development and diffusion process that will transform the business environment with almost instantaneous electronic communication about all aspects of business.


“It is essential we keep our eye on the ball and our brains in gear.”


Page 2 supplementary story

A little more about the 2004/5 committee


Graham Evans is a senior IT director for the NHS. Alan Manchester is IT Manager for Marlow Foods.


Dave Fuller is a principal with MI Services, an IT and management services consultancy and also an Oracle Partner. Vaughan Jackson is with Elementis Chrome in Eaglesclifffe.


Dave Binns is a developer with EDS. Adrian Beckham is  freelance IT developer.


Bob Austin is a senior principal with Atos Origin, IT and management services consultancy.  Derek Simpson is Acting Dean of Computing at Teesside University.


Alan Hunter, is an examiner with  EdExcel and the BCS. Erika Downs is a lecturer at the University. Alan Jones is a principal lecturer at the University.




Footnote on page 2.

If you wish to respond rapidly to the members’ survey,

please email Alan Jones on alan.jones@tees.ac.uk

or Dave Binns on dave@dbapplications.net

Or telephone 01642 342633.

Be sure to give your email address, or post address.